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 Digital Display Solutions

Let us help you create a lasting impression to your target market. Offering a wide range of Large Format Display (LFD) Monitors, Projectors, LED Screens, Hotel TV’s, Digital Content and Scheduling Software, we have the perfect digital display solution to fit your needs.


Software Solutions

From Queuing, Directory, Way Finding, Currency Exchange Systems and more, our software solutions are designed to help you maximize the potential of your display monitor investments. These solutions have been conceptualized to  cater to a wide range of industries, prioritizing on process efficiency and value added service.


Managed Print Services

Take the full advantage of our toner management program. We provide you with FREE printers and software management tools to automate the support of your print environment. Track and view print records per user, limit printer function use per department, password protected printing and toner usage forecast are just some features you can setup on your printer fleet for a more secured and controlled print network.


IT Hardware, Equipment and Others

With reliability and durability in mind, our IT product line extends to well known reputable brands to give you a broad selection of Information Technology Hardware and Software items. We also provide services such as System Integration, Customized Kiosk Fabrication and Video Wall Installation with Configuration.

Surveillance and Security Solutions

Monitor your  Boarding place, Car, Motorcycle Garage, Parking Lot, Security Post, Parking lot entrance / exit, Cashier, Office attendance room, In/Out/Backdoor, Office building lobby, Home/office living room, Shopping, Warehouse, even your private room in any corner with good record quality.


Let us help you find the perfect screen monitor that will provide you a truly immersive viewing experience whether you are watching blockbuster movies, designing, gaming or analyzing spreadsheets.


Bigger is better. Whether you’re watching blockbusters or delivering a presentation, projectors can achieve an impressive bigger display. It’s great quality too  that makes the display up to three times brighter. From family and friends to clients and business colleagues, it’s sure to get everyone’s attention.

Network and UPS