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Enhance your Customers’ Experience by integrating Efficient, Reliable and Visually Engaging Software Systems into your overall business process.



Queuing System

Are you facing problems like unorganized waiting areas, increased customer waiting time, increased employee idle time or frustrated customers due to unfair serving? Are you unable to monitor the performance of a branch located in a distant location; in short are you unable to create a unique customer experience which can be your competitive edge?

Our QSystem Software is the answer to all these problems. Our solution is all about managing process flow from the point customer enters and until he finishes his transaction. We make a real difference in the way your customers wait and ensure improvement in customer service as well as business productivity. The level of service and efficiency will increase with the use of QSystem, resulting to customer satisfaction. We help redefine customer experience and help you create YOUR competitive edge.



Directory System

Directory System (DirSystem) provides guest assistance for Hospitals, Buildings or any establishments. With its user friendly controls, navigation through these establishments is definitely easier. It can also have a touch screen interface to make it more interactive. Additional features such as video playing for advertisements and display of announcements and other information are also incorporated in the system.



Video Scheduler

Video scheduler works with any display screen configuration to show 1 or more videos or images, with on-the-fly changes possible using the Admin Console/Controller program. This application is suitable for events and other areas which require real time effect of content changes.



Custom Software Development

We develop and customize software applications to fit your organizational needs.